During her early years of leading children’s and family meditation programs, Kerry slowly came to understand that children have an inherent full blown wisdom, every bit as rich as an adults’. After much trial and error, she learned she could cultivate that wisdom by teaching kids to self-settle by slowing down; through mindfully sitting, walking, writing, painting, zen archery, and many other meditative arts and activities; but that they only ever really ‘got it’ when she learned to speak their language, which is universally playful, warm and joyful, never solemn! Together with her husband and three daughters, Kerry Lee MacLean has led teacher trainings and family programs internationally since 1996.

She is the author and illustrator of the Peaceful Piggy Meditation Series and the Moody Cow Meditates Series, among other books. She is the illustrator of Mindful Monkey Happy Panda, written by Lauren Alderfer, and Peaceful Piggy Bedtime, written by her daughter, Sophie Maclaren. Kerry lives in Boulder, where she and her husband celebrate life with their children, grandchildren and doggies all the livelong day 🙂

Email Kerry at kerryleemaclean@gmail.com
Facebook: Kerry Lee MacLean and Peaceful Piggy Bedtime
Instagram @peacefulpiggymeditation