Moody Cow Meditates

$16.95 Hardcover, 32 pages

Peter is having the worst day ever. His little sister, Daisy, is such a brat! And, now everyone’s calling him ‘Moody Cow’. When Grandfather listens deeply to the whole story and shows Peter how to use his mind-jar to let it all go, ‘Moody Cow’ smiles for the first time that day. Includes directions to make your own Mind-Jar, and use it regularly to keep your mind clean, clear and naturally happy.

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Editorial Reviews

“It’s a great way to introduce children to the practice of meditation, while also helping them become aware of their feelings.” — Tynette Deveaux, “Good Reads for Little Buddhas,” Shambhala Sun

“Salty, satisfying, and clever book.” — Spirituality & Practice

“An amazing, yet simplistically beautiful story that teaches children (and caregivers) how to meditate.” — Circles of Light

“This book is a true gem to those of us with children and that struggle with trying to teach them meditation.” — Precious Metal