Peaceful Piggy Yoga

$16.95 Hardcover, 32 pages

Humorous, warm and somehow always silly, our peaceful piggy friends learn that everyone loves yoga – even ballerinas and football players! Helps children get into the joyful habit of being mindful of their bodies. Postures playfully presented by children and their piggy partners, ending with quiet bedtime poses.

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Peaceful Piggy Yoga Book Reviews

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My daughter and I fell in love with Peaceful Piggy Meditation and bought an extra copy for my nephew who lives a rather high-powered life for a four year old. So when I saw this book I didn’t hesitate to purchase since I figured it would nurture my daughter’s budding interest in yoga. It has certainly done that–we use it often. It’s an excellent introduction to yoga for children–the best I’ve seen so far. My husband, a novice yogi, even finds the poses in the book “just right” for his level of comfort and expertise. Definitely a favorite in our house. We love the Peaceful Piggies! –SK

We first borrowed this book from the library and loved it so much that we had to get our own copy. My son is a VERY energetic 3 year old and has days when he just doesnt quite know what to do with himself because of his bounds of energy (even though I try and keep him active outdoors and doing lots of physical things). This book is so great for those days. We just get the book and yoga mat out, put on some relaxing music and work on the poses together. It keeps the poses really simple (little more than some good streching activities really) which makes its easy to do. It really helps to focus my son, so that on his “over-active” days he can learn to calm himself down a little. He really enjoys doing it to, and the bright colors in the book really capture his attention! Great little book!

I’ve been doing yoga for some time, and was looking for a way to someday introduce my daughter to it without being too somber or heavy-handed. This is the perfect book for doing so. It touches upon the universal needs yoga fulfills in a funny way, and gives sound advice on trying some basic poses. –Katie A. Webb