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    A Peaceful Piggy’s Guide to Sickness and Death

    $19.95 Hardcover, 32 pages $12.99 Kindle, 32 pages Peaceful Piggy Sickness and Death, Sadness and Love is a story of hope. Children will no longer feel completely powerless when they’re able to help by sending feelings of peace, calm and loving-kindness to their loved ones. Children feel more in control when they have ways to self-settle and self-soothe their inner turmoil. They feel inspired when they learn they can reach out to their loved one through their living heart connection. They discover the magical truth that their loved one is really only a heartbeat away. A Peaceful Piggy’s Guide to Sickness and Death Editorial Reviews “A Peaceful Piggy’s Guide to Sickness and Death, Sadness and Love (Wisdom), to her grandchildren, who have spent all their lives, she writes, living with sick family members. What can children do when someone they love gets sick? How can the anxious, sad, or confused child connect with their feelings and bodies amidst such difficulty? Peaceful Piggy offers a model of calm presence and gentle exercises, such as walking with great attention on the bottoms of the feet, lying on the ground like a starfish, and making a simple flower arrangement or a “mind jar.” With each exercise as beneficial for grown-ups as for their children, this book is a beautiful tool for directly experiencing and talking about sickness, death, and dying—not morbid or forbidden topics, but part of life itself.” —Lion’s Roar “Every parent, teacher, therapist, and guardian should have this book on hand. At some point, all children will have a loved one who is sick or dying or has passed on. How I wish my mother had this book when my grandmother—who lived with us—and then my father both died before I was ten years old. Reading this gentle but powerful book took me back to that painful time as I imagined that I was the child to whom the author was speaking. A deep calm overcame me as I tried each of her mindfulness practices. My hope is that you’ll get this book now so you’ll be ready to help a young one when the time comes.” —Toni Bernhard, author of How to Be Sick “Kerry’s Peaceful Piggy skillfully offers a way for children to process illness and death, topics that continue to be so often unspeakable, and yet so present in our lives. A beautiful and timely book that will be a most enriching addition to my therapy practice and my family.” —Sara Marlowe, therapist and author of No Ordinary Apple and My New Best Friend “The loving voice of a grandmother’s wisdom emanates from the practical guidance and loving comfort provided on each page. MacLean’s latest is a must-have for every parent’s bookshelf and local library.” —Sumi Loundon Kim, author of Sitting Together: A Family-Centered Curriculum on Mindfulness, Meditation, and Buddhist Teachings  

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    Peaceful Piggy Meditation

    $6.95 Softcover, 32 pages $15.95 Hardcover, 32 pages Two hilariously speedy and stressed out little piggies learn an important skill to self-settle and self-soothe, beginning to take responsibility for their own minds and emotions. Gentle text combines with whimsical art to empower even the youngest children with the notion that they can learn to work with their thoughts and feelings, which “…helps to keep their happy hearts happy.” Peaceful Piggy Meditation Editorial Reviews From School Library Journal PreSchool-Grade 3–The young pigs in this story balance a stressful, hectic life with regular meditation. Using straightforward–though somewhat saccharine–language and images, MacLean, a certified children’s meditation instructor, describes this practice and explores its benefits, which include increased self-confidence and feelings of peace and well-being. The vibrant illustrations featuring the blissed-out pigs are childlike in their simplicity. At the end of the book, the author offers instructions on how to meditate and describes her experiences with using family meditation in her own life and in her practice. There are few titles for young children that explain and teach meditation techniques. As such, this offering will find a place in many libraries.–Marge Loch-Wouters, Menasha’s Public Library, WI Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. From Booklist PreS-Gr. 2. Maclean, a meditation therapist, presents her case for deep relaxation in terms pitched straight at kids: “Sometimes the world can be such a busy, noisy place”; that’s why “it’s good to meditate.” There’s nary a lotus-blossom or a Bodhisattva to be found in the bright paintings of disarming piggies who tease their siblings, get mad, play video games (“You feel like you can’t slow down. Even when you’re sitting down!”), but also “know when to take a break, find a quiet spot and just breathe, breathe, breathe.” For all that, Maclean advocates an essentially abstract spiritual practice: the instruction is as nondogmatic as it is concrete. She suggests that kids “have Mom or Dad help them set up a special place” for meditating, and concludes with an activity that invites kids to visualize the quieting of their minds as the settling of particles in a muddied jar of water. Even families that normally regard meditation as so much New Age folderol may find this chipper offering both endearing and persuasive. – Jennifer Mattson Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved — This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

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    Peaceful Piggy Bedtime

    $17.95 Hardcover, 32 pages $10.99 Kindle, 32 pages Bedtime can be a joy; a quiet time, a nice cuddle—a sleepy angel. Bedtime can also be a challenge; riled energy, hidden anxieties—a restless little monster! This book draws on modern science and time-tested wisdom to provide children with an effective bedtime ritual to relax the body, settle the mind, and drift into a peaceful sleep. Parents may find they sleep better, too!

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    Moody Cow Meditates

    $16.95 Hardcover, 32 pages Peter is having the worst day ever. His little sister, Daisy, is such a brat! And, now everyone’s calling him ‘Moody Cow’. When Grandfather listens deeply to the whole story and shows Peter how to use his mind-jar to let it all go, ‘Moody Cow’ smiles for the first time that day. Includes directions to make your own Mind-Jar, and use it regularly to keep your mind clean, clear and naturally happy. Editorial Reviews “It’s a great way to introduce children to the practice of meditation, while also helping them become aware of their feelings.” — Tynette Deveaux, “Good Reads for Little Buddhas,” Shambhala Sun “Salty, satisfying, and clever book.” — Spirituality & Practice “An amazing, yet simplistically beautiful story that teaches children (and caregivers) how to meditate.” — Circles of Light “This book is a true gem to those of us with children and that struggle with trying to teach them meditation.” — Precious Metal

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    Moody Cow Learns Compassion

    $16.95 Hardcover, 32 pages Grandfather’s wisdom ensures that even the toughest little hearts will be deeply touched, even as kids laugh out loud at Bully’s outrageous gall! When Moody’s friend, Bully, gets a little too excited feeding live crickets to their new snake, Jaws; Grandfather takes them on an adventure that helps Bully and Moody empathize with both the cricket and the snake, giving them a real understanding of the circle of life. Includes instructions for 3 loving-kindness activities, including the Compassionate Cricket Release. Editorial Reviews “Engaging and heartfelt!” — Spirituality & Practice “Compassion arises through developing empathy with the misfortune of others. Without resorting to heavy-handed moralizing, Kerry Lee MacLean manages to embody this profound spiritual truth in a tale that young children—and the parents who read it to them—will find engaging and instructive. Highly recommended.” —Jon Landaw, author of Prince Siddhartha: The Story of Buddha(children’s book) and Buddhism for Dummies “Kerry Lee MacLean continues to entertain and inform through her delightful stories. Thank you, Moody Cow, for showing us how to cultivate compassion. The courage and heart to do so, especially when facing a bully, is a good lesson for us all–and this book makes it easy for young and old alike to take the same steps.” — Lauren Alderfer, author of Mindful Monkey, Happy Panda “Fills a distinct void in the literature.” (Publishers Weekly) “MacLean’s best book to date!” (Shambhala Sun) “Salty, satisfying, and clever.” (Spirituality & Practice) “An amazing, yet simplistically beautiful story.” (Circles of Light) “A true gem.” (Precious Metal)

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    Peaceful Piggy Yoga

    $16.95 Hardcover, 32 pages Humorous, warm and somehow always silly, our peaceful piggy friends learn that everyone loves yoga – even ballerinas and football players! Helps children get into the joyful habit of being mindful of their bodies. Postures playfully presented by children and their piggy partners, ending with quiet bedtime poses. Peaceful Piggy Yoga Book Reviews From Amazon My daughter and I fell in love with Peaceful Piggy Meditation and bought an extra copy for my nephew who lives a rather high-powered life for a four year old. So when I saw this book I didn’t hesitate to purchase since I figured it would nurture my daughter’s budding interest in yoga. It has certainly done that–we use it often. It’s an excellent introduction to yoga for children–the best I’ve seen so far. My husband, a novice yogi, even finds the poses in the book “just right” for his level of comfort and expertise. Definitely a favorite in our house. We love the Peaceful Piggies! –SK We first borrowed this book from the library and loved it so much that we had to get our own copy. My son is a VERY energetic 3 year old and has days when he just doesnt quite know what to do with himself because of his bounds of energy (even though I try and keep him active outdoors and doing lots of physical things). This book is so great for those days. We just get the book and yoga mat out, put on some relaxing music and work on the poses together. It keeps the poses really simple (little more than some good streching activities really) which makes its easy to do. It really helps to focus my son, so that on his “over-active” days he can learn to calm himself down a little. He really enjoys doing it to, and the bright colors in the book really capture his attention! Great little book! I’ve been doing yoga for some time, and was looking for a way to someday introduce my daughter to it without being too somber or heavy-handed. This is the perfect book for doing so. It touches upon the universal needs yoga fulfills in a funny way, and gives sound advice on trying some basic poses. –Katie A. Webb

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    Just Me and My Mind

    $18.95 Hardcover, 16 pages Pull a new thought out of the boy’s head on every page: Happy, sad, excited, worried… and then let those thoughts go so he can think clearly again!

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